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genisys – the preferred switching and power management system for NHS Ambulance Services

Preferred supplier to NHS Ambulance Services

The Challenge

A ‘standard’ specification is the Holy Grail for specialist builders supplying vehicles for any application, simplifying installation, speeding up build times and reducing maintenance costs. NHS Ambulance Trusts across England have been working towards this goal since 1995, collaborating closely with specialist vehicle providers to develop a national specification for frontline ambulances. This standardised layout ensures ambulance crews can quickly and easily access the equipment they require, with potentially life-saving results.

The Solution

Ring Carnation has been selected as the preferred supplier of switching and power management systems for the National Health Service (NHS) Ambulance Services national vehicle specification for frontline ambulances. The genisys system offers exceptional flexibility and reliability for this pivotal role in vehicle design, offering an unrivaled level of features for emergency vehicle designers and operators.

The WAS group supplies vehicles to 6 of the UK’s 11 trusts, and has been closely involved in this project, as Richard Skingley, sales and marketing manager for WAS Vehicles (UK), explained: “As one of Europe’s leading ambulance suppliers, we have been designing and building specialist vehicles since 1987, and we pride ourselves on offering cutting edge solutions that use the very latest technology. This initiative has been an important step forward in ambulance design, and we have been working with various trusts to ensure that the national specification reflects the very latest technologies available.

We only use equipment and components from leading manufacturers, to guarantee the quality of our vehicles, and Ring Carnation’ innovative genisys system is perfectly suited to this application. The majority of trusts were already using genisys, and specified Ring Carnation as their preferred supplier, so it really was the logical choice.”

“The national specification requires that control systems have a high level of functionality – including one-touch systems, self-diagnostic protocols and voice alerts – and genisys is able to fulfil all these needs, as well as providing flexibility to make changes without the cost and inconvenience of taking vehicles off the road. The system is installed during the initial build at our factory in Germany, and the Ring Carnation team has worked directly with our engineers to ensure optimum performance. The design of genisys saves considerable time for installation of auxiliary electronics, and its highly adaptable nature will make it easy to fine-tune the specification as needs change.”