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Vehicle converters Oughtred & Harrison choose genisys for high-end ambulance conversions

Oughtred & Harrison vehicle converters

A flexible power management system that is tailored to a variety of ambulances


Oughtred & Harrison (Facilities) Limited in Goole, Yorkshire, is a vehicle converter specialized in ambulances and wheelchair accessible vehicles, serving most of the UK’s NHS Trusts as well as exporting vehicles to Southern Ireland and France. The Company’s increasing involvement in top-end ambulances has led to the use of Ring Carnation’ genisys electronic management system in sophisticated emergency vehicles.

The Challenge

Finding a flexible power management system that is tailored to a variety of ambulances.

Oughtred & Harrison said: “There are fundamentally two types of ambulances. The patient transport vehicles are quite simple, with a ramp for wheelchair access, and they may also have stretchers and some basic medical gear, but they don’t necessarily have blue lights or any life- saving equipment. On the other hand, the emergency ambulances, of which there are several different specification levels, are equipped with a wide range of instruments, and their electrical systems are much more sophisticated.”

The Solution

Since Oughtred & Harrison (Facilities) became increasingly involved in the emergency end of the ambulance market around 18 months ago, the Company has started to choose Ring Carnation’ genisys systems in more of its vehicle conversions.  “We build the vehicles based on panel vans, and Ring Carnation provides electrical management systems that are tailored to control all the electrics in the high- end ambulances, which are very demanding. Although we often recommend genisys to customers of this type of ambulance, as we moved into this market, we have found that more and more of our customers are in fact requesting genisys in their initial electrical system specifications.”

genisys offers advantages to both the vehicle converter and the end user.

“The customers benefit from the consistency of the system across their range of vehicles, while genisys saves us time and effort, because it provides a complete, finished product so we don’t have to manufacture a system ourselves.

Ring Carnation also provide a pre- battery module which looks after all of the complex battery charging and emergency start capabilities as well as a fully tailored and managed vehicle wiring harness. Help is always available during installation, and both companies work closely together during the vehicle conversion. Engineers from Ring Carnation will assist and guide us, as well as listen to our needs and modify things to suit our particular requirements. The entire team at Ring Carnation are very happy to tailor the product to what we need, to keep us going in the right direction” he concluded.