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genisys and Dual Pod essential to West Midlands Ambulance Service

West Midlands Ambulance Service

genisys intelligent management and switching system standardises ambulances

West Midlands Ambulance Service, with a fleet of approximately 1100 vehicles, has chosen Ring Carnation’ genisys intelligent management and switching system for standardization of its vehicles.

The Challenge

The West Midlands Ambulance Service fleet comprises around 280 frontline ambulances and 160 mostly four-wheel-drive, rapid response vehicles (RRVs), plus patient transport, major incident and logistics vehicles. Graham Cann, Regional Head of Fleet, explained how West Midlands benefits from the genisys system: “In 2006, five trusts were amalgamated to form the West Midlands Ambulance Service, resulting in a combined fleet of vehicles with a mixture of vehicle management systems from Ring Carnation and other companies. Our vehicle design groups agreed that we should standardise the regional vehicle, and we decided to use genisys in all of our ambulances.”

The Solution

Graham continued: “All our frontline ambulances are van-derived, and our most recent vehicles are fitted with Ring Carnation’ Dual Pod, which provides the ‘plug and play’ capability that is needed today. We recently received the Emergency Services Award – which recognises outstanding achievements in the police, fire and ambulance sectors – for innovation in the design and build of a bariatric ambulance, and genisys is a key component of this vehicle.”

“Initially genisys was only installed on our ambulances, but it also made sense to standardise our RRVs so that staff changing between the vehicles were using the same system, and about two years ago we installed genisys on our cars as well.” Graham concluded:

“By installing genisys on both our ambulances and RRVs we have simplified things not only for the operator, but also from a servicing point of view, improving efficiency as the mechanic knows the system well and can recognise and resolve any issues more easily.

In addition, Dual Pod will assist security when decommissioning vehicles as the system can easily be removed and reused.”