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Case Studies

Scottish Ambulance Service

With a large and diverse fleet covering such a geographical area, it was vital that the Scottish Ambulance Service selected key industry partners that they could work with to gain maximum operability and performance from their vehicles. (more)

Cape Point Funicular Railway System

The funicular railway system is overseen by the rail safety regulator (RSR) and must comply with stringent safety requirements, and so the genisys system’s ability to keep a log of all operator actions and external equipment faults is very important, providing an audit trail for the RSR in the event of an accident. (more)

NHS Ambulance Service

Ring Carnation has been selected as the preferred supplier of switching and power management systems for the National health Service (NHS) Ambulance Services national vehicle specification for frontline ambulances. The genisys system offers exceptional flexibility and reliability for this pivotal role in vehicle design, offering an unrivaled level of features for emergency vehicle designers and operators. (more)

Strategic alliance with Microbus for emergency vehicle solutions

Ring Carnation has joined forces with Microbus, the UK’s leading supplier of in-vehicle PC technology, to offer the public safety market a one-stop source for in-vehicle auxiliary electronic control. Combining the knowledge and experience of two market-leading companies, this strategic alliance will provide the comprehensive solutions emergency vehicle operators demand. (more)

North Yorkshire Police’s vehicle fleet

North Yorkshire Police, in association with AES – designers, builders and installers of integrated electrical and communication systems for specialist vehicles – has chosen Ring Carnation’ genisys system for use in its new fleet, including vehicles from Audi, BMW and Land Rover. (more)

Vehicle converters Oughtred & Harrison choose genisys for high-end ambulance conversions

Oughtred & Harrison (Facilities) Limited in Goole, Yorkshire, is a vehicle converter specialized in ambulances and wheelchair accessible vehicles, serving most of the UK’s NHS Trusts as well as exporting vehicles to Southern Ireland and France. The Company’s increasing involvement in top-end ambulances has led to the use of Ring Carnation’ genisys electronic management system in sophisticated emergency vehicles. (more)

genisys and Dualpod essential to West Midlands Ambulance Service

West Midlands Ambulance Service, with a fleet of approximately 1100 vehicles, has chosen Ring Carnation’ genisys intelligent management and switching system for standardization of its vehicles. (more)