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With the introduction of CANbus technology on modern vehicles, finding the necessary connections required to interact with a vehicle chassis can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Many outputs are no longer available as they are only present on the vehicles CANbus.

The solution is to use a Ring Carnation CANbus interface module that will either overcome any issues you may encounter on vehicles with multiplexed wiring or at the very least simplify installations – saving time and reducing interference with OEM wiring harnesses. The Ring Carnation CANbus interface interprets the CANbus protocols, converts them and transmits direct to the genisys system using the databus.


  • Vehicle specific with an ever expanding library of applications
  • Integrated Runlock variants available for specialist vehicles
  • Databus communication means significantly less wiring and connections


CANbus Ignition Security Module

CANbus Ignition Security Module

The Ring Carnation module can provide a range of different input signals making the interface the ideal choice for a wide range of specialist vehicle applications. The following signals are available:

Front Doors
Side/Rear Door
Van Rear Door/Tailgate
D+ (engine running)
Main Beam
Dipped Beam
Brake Lights
Fog Lights
Left/Right Indicators
2 x Speed Triggers (programmable)
2 x RPM Triggers (programmable)