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Make Ready Panel

The Make Ready panel is an example of Ring Carnation commitment to identifying and reacting to features which improve the operational effectiveness of a vehicle and its crews.

At the start of a shift the “Make Ready” team ensure that the vehicles are ready for use. This includes ensuring that all of the internal lockers are fully stocked with the necessary medical equipment.

Upon completion the Make Ready panel is reset using a 4 digit code which changes all locker LED’s to a green state. If a locker is opened then the relevant LED changes to a red state showing that it has been accessed. This provides crews with rapid identification as to the condition readiness of the vehicle  prior to deployment.

Key Features

  • Four digit reset code once the ambulance has been replenished
  • Up to 12 lockers monitored at any one time
  • Voice and LCD alerts  if a locker state is red, after a pre check mode sequence
  • Wipe clean graphical interface
  • Each interface is tailored to the ambulance design