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genisys Output Module (OPM)

OPM: a safe, fast switching system

OPM: a safe, fast switching system


The Output Module (OPM) connects to the genisys modular system providing a safe, internally fused, high power output switching system. Safety is assured by means of onboard current allowing the outputs to be disconnected should a fault condition occur. Outputs are controlled by semi conductor switches rather than mechanical relays. These provide longer operating life, faster switching, and require very little drive current.

Key Features

  • Efficient thermal management and state of the art switching technologies deliver:
  • 16 intelligent outputs per module
    • 150A Total output current per module
    • 2x30A Maximum Rated outputs
    • 14x15A Rated outputs
    • Product variant provides 2 x Lowside outputs
  • Short Circuit and Overload detection
  • 100ms Update rate
  • Dedicated resettable fuses enable safe OPM disconnections
  • Output channel internally fused preventing excessive current or heat build up
  • Fuse settings configured in genisys software application


Variants O / N:6700 – 010
O / N:6700 – 015 O / N:6700 – 001
Operating Voltage  8-29V 8-29V 8-29V
Operation Temperature  -20-50°C -20-50°C -20-50°C
Maximum Logic Current Draw  100mA 100mA 100mA
Output Drivers 2 x 30A (high Side)
14 x 15A (High Side)
1 x 30A (high Side)
7 x 15A (High Side)
1 x 30A (high Side)
6 x 15A (High Side)
1 x 15A (Low Side)
Maximum Allowable Module Output
Current (50°C ambient)2
 150A Max 135A Max 135A Max
168.5 x 108.5 x 52mm 168.5 x 108.5 x 52mm 168.5 x 108.5 x 52mm
J1 Recommended Torque  5Nm 5Nm 5Nm