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genisys Protocol Converter

genisys Protocol Converter


The Protocol Converter allows PC based hardware to control the genisys system through a software keypad interface. To the genisys system, the converter appears as a standard keypad module allowing bi-directional communication between gensiys and the PC.

The PC, running the supplied software can then be used to operate up to 32 configurable, on screen keys or indicator icons.

Like all other genisys modules this unit has been designed with ease of fitment and remote diagnostics via LED indicators.

  • Power: Indicates that the module is receiving power through the data cables.
  • Status: Flashes amber when communicating with the genisys system.
  • PC Status: Flashes red when communicating with the PC running the keypad software.

Key Features

  • PC connection through the RS232 serial port on the module
  • Operate up to 32 totally configurable key switches via PC
  • Display voltage and fault information via PC interface