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genisys xvi


genisys xvi

This is a product variant of genisys, built using the same design philosophy. It is a specially tailored system designed for police, RRV, PTS and other specialist vehicle applications requiring a cost effective way to manage their power demands.

Key Features

  • 16 solid state power outputs – offering 100 amps of power – to all auxiliary circuits
    • (14 highside + 2 lowside variant available)16 digital inputs
    • 4 analogue inputs available
  • Interface with any Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) via protocol converter module
  • Fully software configurable to meet the specification requirements of the vehicle
    • Software-configured split charging via analogue inputs and digital outputs
    • Software configured voice alert
  • Full battery management; load shedding and “sleep mode”
    • Diagnostic LEDs provided on all inputs / outputs
  • 12 v or 24 v configuration
  • Ignition security enabled
  • Fully emarked and NPIA issue 5 spec 10 compliant.
  • System can be linked with a maximum of 2 genisys keypad interfaces. and an addition output module as required.