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Backboard: Strategic alliance with Microbus for emergency vehicle solutions

Ring Carnation has joined forces with Microbus, the UK’s leading supplier of in-vehicle PC technology, to offer the public safety market a one-stop source for in-vehicle auxiliary electronic control. Combining the knowledge and experience of two market-leading companies, this strategic alliance will provide the comprehensive solutions demanded by emergency vehicle operators.

The Challenge

Mobile data management is now an essential element in the effective provision of emergency services, requiring bespoke solutions to ensure maximum operational mobility. Microbus has over 25 years of experience in mobile data technology, and has been at the forefront of in-vehicle PC technology for almost a decade. As market-leading providers of reliable, user-friendly and application-focused in- vehicle computing to the emergency services, Microbus is an obvious mobile data partner for Ring Carnation.

The Solution

Combining Microbus’ rugged vehicle- based PC technology with the flexibility of Ring Carnation’ genisys electronic management system creates a complete package to meet the advanced electronic requirements of the latest emergency service vehicles. This strategic partnership offers the first comprehensive solution for in-vehicle data and electronic management, creating a powerful, integrated setup for total control of auxiliary systems. This new venture will build on the strengths of both companies, bringing unrivalled functionality to the marketplace.

Richard Blake, Sales and Marketing Director at Microbus, explained the design philosophy behind the fully integrated system: “Our in-vehicle computers are at the cutting edge of mobile data technology, offering powerful data management capabilities to the public safety sector. Combining this functionality with the sophisticated electronic management capabilities of Ring Carnation’ genisys system provides unprecedented fingertip control to emergency vehicle operators.”

“The wide range of auxiliary electronics required for these vehicles, combined with the need for user-friendly, reliable operation, is a significant challenge to vehicle design, and this our work together is intended to specifically address these issues.

Harnessing both companies’ extensive experience in the emergency vehicle marketplace, our fully integrated systems are designed to simplify the installation, operation and maintenance of auxiliary vehicle equipment, focused around the specific and unique needs of this market.

Combining our expertise allows us to offer the highest levels of user-friendly control, with event-driven capabilities based on the same proven, flexible technology many emergency service fleets are already using. Our new software architecture allows the Microbus in-vehicle PC to directly interface with the genisys system, using the computer’s touch screen for control of all auxiliary electronics. In addition, a separate genisys control module is wired directly into the system, allowing each device to be used jointly or independently as required, and providing fail-safe control of all auxiliary systems” he continued.

In addition to meeting the needs of users, cost-effective installation and maintenance is a key facet of auxiliary electronic design for emergency service vehicles. Seamless integration of genisys and Microbus systems into vehicles is aided by a purpose-built backboard, incorporating the wiring for both systems. Combined with vehicle- specific auxiliary wiring looms, these products simplify and speed up installation, reducing costs and improving reliability. Use of standard wiring configurations is also more efficient for maintenance, accelerating fault finding and allowing rapid exchange of components.

Mark Wilson, Managing Director at Ring Carnation, concluded: “We have extended our collaboration with Microbus to include joint provision of services for our integrated systems, creating a single point of contact for purchasing, and providing technical support through a dedicated hotline. This strategic alliance ensures that Ring Carnation and Microbus are able to offer comprehensive solutions for mobilising the public safety market.”