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Ring Carnation’ genisys xvi system to be rolled out across North Yorkshire Police’s vehicle fleet

North Yorkshire Police

Standardised and flexible power management system rolled out across the fleet

North Yorkshire Police, in association with AES – designers, builders and installers of integrated electrical and communication systems for specialist vehicles – has chosen Ring Carnation’ genisys system for use in its new fleet, including vehicles from Audi, BMW and Land Rover.

The Challenge

North Yorkshire Police needed a power management system that was standardised and flexible enough to roll out across its new fleet of cars, regardless of their make and operational demands.

The Solution

Richard Flint, Head of Transport at North Yorkshire Police, explained: “We have worked together with Ring Carnation to manage all the auxiliary electronics and power requirements of our vehicles through genisys, and the system is able to integrate with the vehicle’s CANbus to provide valuable additional inputs and functionality. This system will be fitted to all our new Audi, BMW and Land Rover vehicles over the next year, as part of our rolling replacement programme.”

“As part of this initiative, we wanted a single vehicle management system that was flexible and could be used across the entire vehicle range, and Ring Carnation offers a system that is highly reliable, minimising our maintenance, servicing and repair times. We are in the process of standardising our vehicles and onboard equipment, and genisys represents a very cost-effective option for this application, especially as it came on recommendation from several other forces. AES’s engineers also attested to its reliability, having gained experience installing genisys in other emergency service vehicles.”

AES said: “genisys was also a natural choice for AES, as we could be confident that it would meet legislative requirements, as well as those of the customer and vehicle manufacturers.

From our point of view, we like using genisys because the system comes delivered to us as a DU (delivered unit) ready for installation. This allows us to plan our operations function more effectively and plot deliveries more accurately for the end user.”

He added: “Our feedback from the NHS on our work upgrading ambulances with the genisys system has been extremely positive, and I am confident that North Yorkshire Police will be equally impressed.

We will definitely be suggesting the genisys system as one of the best options for customers going forward, particularly when dealing with a lot of cars at one time, where speed and throughput are paramount.”