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What is vehicle power management

Today’s high-end specialist vehicles carry systems and computer ‘thinking power’ that was almost unimaginable ten years ago. From live-feed onboard pursuit cameras to defibrillators that need charging, these vehicles are complex mobile systems demanding huge amounts of power in the right place at the right time. And of course you can’t predict how long they’ll be on scene.

Your vehicle is a vital asset and the last thing your organization needs is a vehicle off the road, especially in the field. When the unexpected happens (like a delay, or a vehicle left with a power drain while the engine is off) we can’t make vehicle batteries last forever, but we can help manage demand for power so that the vital needs – like lifesaving devices, headlights and the ability to start up and drive away – are the very last things to be lost. We call this ‘power management’. Our customers love it and it simply can’t be done with a 20th century ‘switches and relays’ setup.

You probably know that the consequences of a significant power-system failure in the field could be expensive, serious, and perhaps even contribute to a fatality. For these pressure situations we have found our modular, intelligent systems outperform a 20th century ‘switches and relays’ approach every time – winning on performance, on vehicle uptime, and on total cost of fleet ownership.

Ring Carnation’s systems are built from a few modular ‘building blocks’ that are almost infinitely expandable*. That means genisys provides a standardized solution right across your fleet, from the most complex to the everyday. They are also ‘future proofed’ and take seconds to replace, reprogram or upgrade as your needs change. We have also taken these proven solutions and built simpler modules to meet everyday needs in more standard working vehicles in the emergency, outside-broadcast and general service ‘amber light’ areas.

genisys is the premier switching and power management system for specialist vehicles.


*up to 16 modules – more than any vehicle will ever need!