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genisys keypad

Comprehensive ranges of keypads responding to industry needs

A comprehensive range of intuitive keypads has been developed to complement the modular genisys concept. Designed to be mounted within a standard vehicle DIN aperture, therefore minimising installation damage to expensive interior trim panels, they contain a core set of features and come in  6 12, 16 and 18 way versions.  Custom keypads can be designed and manufactured for clients to complement the system.

Key Features

  • Illuminated fully configurable keys
  • Built in buzzer for immediate key press confirmation
  • LED warning indicators built in to the 6 & 12 way keypads
  • The 18 way comes with a two line LCD display
  • Separate night time brightness settings
  • DIN compatible using adapter fascia.

Where it is desirable to have a larger switch area Ring Carnation have launched a range of 12 & 18 way keypads, both of which are for recessed mount applications and have LCD displays as standard and maintain all of the other features and benefits of the standard genisys keypads


HotKeys Suite

In response to industry requirements and in line with the SVA (single vehicle architecture) criteria another range of keypads have been developed; the HotKeys Suite.

genisys Hotkeys suite

genisys Hotkeys suite

HotKeys Suite Overview

The Hotkeys suite is a discreet range of keypads designed to sit alongside a mobile data terminal (MDT) screen. It offers a secondary platform with the ability to trigger key role equipment modes, should the MDT be powering- up or have another application open.

Key Features:

  • Rapid menu selection for software applications operating on the MDT e.g. TETRA radio, CCTV, main system menu
  • Discrete lighting in standby mode
  • Range available in 7-way format mounted on either side of the screen
  • Range available in 9-way format mounted upper or lower edge of the MDT.