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Making a tough job easier

The core product within Ring Carnation’ electrical management portfolio is genisys™; a switching and power management system for next generation specialist vehicles.  genisys was originally designed to serve the blue light sector. It cannot be over stated that when it comes to complex mission critical vehicles such as ambulances, ensuring intelligent and reliable battery load distribution is vital to not only minimize vehicle downtime (VOR) but to also keep life-saving equipment functioning in emergency situations.  genisys is optimized for these and other very high-demand vehicles, acting as the gateway to all auxiliary equipment, reducing battery loads through intelligent monitoring and efficient power distribution.

genisys users

Using genisys means vehicle converters have a technologically advanced, flexible low-cost solution that can be tailored to suit any vehicle needs, fleet managers ensure minimal vehicle downtime tied to minimal total cost of ownership and finally vehicle operators are assured of optimal safety and outstanding ease of use.