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Besides our genisys range, we are often asked to develop power management solutions for customers like the Dual Pod for the Scottish Ambulance Service. We have built high-end solutions for outside broadcast units and the military, and we also built cost-effective solutions for a huge range of uses from horse boxes to prison transport vehicles.

See the full list of genisys applications.

Dual Pod

NHS trusts are now looking at cost effective alternatives to traditional coach-built vehicles for front-line ambulance procurement. Dual Pod is a specific customer led project where genisys acts alongside other components to provide as a single power management and control system for van-derived ambulances. Click here for more information on Dual Pod.


This tailored solution involved the design and supply of mission-critical auxiliary electronics control in the shape of a fully assembled, pre-wired and tested ‘one size fits all’ police equipment board. Click here for more information on Backboard.

View our case study: Strategic alliance with Microbus for emergency vehicle solutions.

We can tailor a solution for your needs – just email us or call us and let’s discuss what you need.